Mary Durgan

Admissions Director


Mary Durgan has a multifaceted role that emphasizes her expertise in website management, advertising, and customer engagement. She ensures optimal performance of ads, maintains the robustness of referral sources, and oversees the consistency of marketing materials. Her commitment to audience engagement is a testament to her efforts in measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Mary's responsibilities extend to conducting evaluations for prospective residents in her community's facilities. Her approach to this role is deeply rooted in her ability to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with both families and residents, showcasing her exceptional interpersonal skills. In her capacity as a Director, Mary navigates the pre-admission process with a focus on excellent customer service and proactive measures. Her initiatives include support groups and surveys, which have proven to be significant contributors to the well-being of residents and their families.

Beyond the internal operations, Mary actively participates in community meetings, ensuring robust communication with referral sources on a regular and consistent basis. She prides herself on overseeing a seamless admission process, reflecting her commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction.

Outside of her direct professional duties, Mary is a proud member of the Plattsburgh State Alumni Association and a certified facilitator at CVSC for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Support Group, further demonstrating her dedication to community service and support.