A resident using a walker entering our brick building. He is receiving help from a nurse.

Fall Management

Falls are a leading cause of injury in elderly individuals, limiting mobility and reducing quality of life. That’s why we work hard to prevent falls in our resident population through a comprehensive fall prevention planning program that identifies residents who are at higher risk and puts strategies in place to mitigate falls as much as possible.


Fall Mitigation and Prevention


As part of our ongoing case management services, we put measures in place to help mitigate falls in our setting. Fall prevention strategies may include increasing toileting and safety checks along with ongoing reminders to seek help from the caregivers.

Our care team may seek physical therapy services to improve strength, coordinate with the resident's physician to evaluate any changes in mental status and cognition, vision changes, perceived medication side effects, and/or implement equipment that may help with balance, ambulation and gait.

In conjunction, our team may do increased environmental assessments such as room checks to ensure that any trip hazards or other obstacles are removed and proper lighting and signage is in place to remind residents to use their call bells for assistance.