Kelsey Upton

Activities Director


Kelsey Upton, originally from Peru, has a rich background rooted in her homeland's vibrant culture. She attended Peru High School, where her interest in community service and social activities began to take shape, paving the way for her future career endeavors.

Today, Kelsey serves as the Activities Director at CVSC, a role in which she is passionately committed to enhancing the lives of residents. Her work is centered around providing mental and physical stimulation through various activities, but the core of her mission is to bring joy and fun into the lives of the elderly she works with. In her role, Kelsey finds immense satisfaction in working with the elderly, creating memories, and witnessing the joy and positive reactions of the residents. This aspect of her job brings her a sense of fulfillment that transcends the typical professional rewards.

Beyond her professional commitments, Kelsey is an enthusiastic crochet artist. Her hobbies include crafting plush animals, blankets, and clothing, reflecting her creative flair. Additionally, she enjoys spending quality time with her pets – two cats and two dogs – which adds another layer of joy and fulfillment to her life.