Dylan Sussey

Human Resources Coordinator


Dylan Sussey's professional and personal journey is a blend of diverse experiences and interests. Hailing from Lewis, New York, Dylan graduated from Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School in 2014 and went on to study Medical Office Assisting at Champlain Valley Technical Education Center. This educational background set the stage for his role as the Human Resources Coordinator, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing hiring and staffing at the Champlain Valley Senior Community. His responsibility ensures that the facility is well-staffed daily, a crucial factor in providing top-notch care for the residents.

Before joining Champlain Valley Senior Community, Dylan had an interesting history in the automotive world, where he was involved in car sales. This experience brought a unique perspective to his current role. Having been with the community for a year, Dylan is deeply moved by the sense of community and family at the facility and looks forward to many more years of contributing to this environment.

Outside of work, Dylan's life is greatly enriched by his two goldendoodles, Olive and Margot, who are his pride and joy. He is an outdoor enthusiast, reveling in summer activities like hiking, kayaking, and spending time at camp. In addition to his love for the outdoors, Dylan maintains a passion for cars, reflecting his varied interests and dynamic personality.

His multifaceted life, encompassing a career in healthcare human resources and diverse personal interests, paints the picture of an individual who is as versatile as he is committed to his professional and personal pursuits.