Alyssa Rabideau

Case Manager


Alyssa Rabideau, a native of Mooers, New York, has built a career that is as fulfilling as it is impactful. After graduating from NCCS High School, Alyssa pursued higher education at Clinton Community College, where she earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. Her educational journey laid the foundation for her professional path.

Alyssa's personal life is enriched by her role as a mother to four beautiful children, two girls and two boys, who are the center of her world.

Joining the CVSC family as a Case Manager on January 2nd, 2023, marked a significant step in Alyssa's career. Every day at CVSC, she works closely with residents and their families, a role that continuously affirms her belief in the profound value of her work. For Alyssa, the most rewarding aspects of her job are the relationships she builds, the laughter shared, and the memorable moments spent with those in her care. These experiences hold a special place in her heart and motivate her to continue this fulfilling career path.

Alyssa looks forward to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of the residents she oversees, further enriching her professional and personal growth.