Tips & Tricks - My Loved One Has Dementia

The affects of dementia are challenging for both those affected and their loved ones. We understand and have compiled some tips that may be helpful in your interactions.


Alzheimer's Disease is very tricky. Dementia is not only tricky for those who experience it first hand, it's also tricky for those who have loved ones suffering from it. Whether you are living with your loved one or not, here are some tips & tricks that may help:

  • Be patient. This is a new ongoing process that will require adjustment time.

  • Remember your loved one as they were. They are still the same person & they enjoy feeling independent. 
  • Take a positive and gentle approach when communicating with your loved one, but be sure not to belittle them with "baby talk".
  • Don't make assumptions. Everyone lives with Alzheimer's differently, don't make assumptions just because of their diagnosis.
  • Avoid correcting your loved one. If they forget something or make a mistake, that's ok! Respond to the feelings they expressed, or just change the subject altogether.
  • Don't disengage. It's OK if you don't know what to do or say, but don't separate yourself from your loved one. Your love & support is important to them.
  • Stay in touch with your loved one. Cards, phone calls, video calls and visits show that you care.
  • Take time for yourself. It's a hard adjustment for loved ones, don't forget to take care of yourself - visit some friends, get away for a bit.
  • Continue to educate yourself and your family members on Alzheimer's Disease. 
  • Consider joining a support group. You are not alone. 

If you're in need of additional resources or would like to talk to someone regarding your loved one at Champlain Valley Senior Community please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you.